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Cotton University, Guwahati

  • Panbazar, India
  • MHRD
  • Established: 2017

The Cotton University in Guwahati, Assam, offers many scholarships to its students to help them with their academic goals and to help financially needy students. The following are a few of the scholarships offered by Cotton University:

1. Merit Scholarship: Students are given this scholarship based on how well they performed academically on the last qualifying exam. These scholarships are available to students who achieve the highest grades in their classes.

2. Means-cum-Merit grant: This grant is given to students who have excelled academically and come from economically disadvantaged parts of society.

3. Post-Matric Scholarship: This scholarship helps students from minority groups and SC/ST/OBC communities continue their education after matriculation.

4. National Scholarship: Students who excelled in their prior qualifying examination are eligible for this scholarship from the Government of India.

5. Scholarship for Students with Physical Disabilities: This scholarship is given to students with physical disabilities to support their education and give them the same opportunity as other students to pursue their academic goals.

In addition to these scholarships, Cotton University also provides students who are financially struggling with many other financial aid programmes and scholarships.

Students must complete the scholarship application form and submit it with the required materials to be considered for these awards. Students are advised to visit the official Cotton University website for detailed information.