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Cotton University, Guwahati

  • Panbazar, India
  • MHRD
  • Established: 2017

Cotton University Rankings

Here I have discussed the Cotton University Rankings. Cotton University is honored by many national and international organizations for its outstanding performance in education and various disciplines. Here are some of the highlights of Cotton University's rankings and achievements in the last few years by different organizations.

Cotton University is ranked in 150 to 200 in NIRF.

Cotton University is ranked in 1873 of 5830 in Asia. 

Cotton University is 5181 of 14131 out the all the Universities in the World. 

Cotton University is 243 of 876 out the all Universities in India. 

Cotton University is 8 of 21 out of all Universities in Assam. 

Cotton University is 3 of 10 out of all Universities in Guwahati. 

So, here are some of the major achievements of Cotton University.