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Assam CM: In Assam he will not have his 10th grade board exam from the 2024 Board to replace SEBA, AHSEC 

Assam CM: In Assam he will not have his 10th grade board exam from the 2024 Board to replace SEBA, AHSEC 

In a significant decision, the Chief Minister of Assam has declared the invalidation of Class 10th board examinations in the state from the academic year 2024. This move aims to bring about a transformative change in the education system and streamline the evaluation process. also, the government has also revealed plans to establish a unified board to replace the current two separate boards, videlicet the Secondary Education Board of Assam( SEBA) and the Assam Advanced Secondary Education Council( AHSEC). This composition delves into the details of this announcement and its implicit implications. 


 The Assam government has long been meaning reforms in the education sector to ensure the holistic development of students and reduce the pressure associated with board examinations. With the recent announcement, the state joins the league of several other countries in India that have discontinued or modified their board examination systems. The decision holds great significance for students, parents, and educators across the state. 

 Termination of Class 10th Board Exams 

 Starting from the academic year 2024, the Assam government will no longer conduct Class 10th board examinations. The move intends to palliate the stress and anxiety endured by scholars during the board examination period. It'll also give an occasion for scholars to concentrate on a further comprehensive learning experience rather than being solely test-acquainted. 

 The decision to scrap Class 10th board exams is grounded on the belief that continuous and comprehensive evaluation throughout the academic year will offer a more accurate assessment of a student's progress. The government aims to promote a holistic approach to education by emphasizing skill development, critical thinking, and problem-working abilities. 

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 Preface of a Unified Board 

 contemporaneously, the Assam government has proposed the establishment of a unified board to replace SEBA and AHSEC. The unified board will oversee both secondary( Class 10th) and advanced secondary( Class 11th and 12th) education in the state. This connection aims to streamline the administrative processes, reduce duplication of efforts, and give a seamless education experience for students. 

 The introduction of a unified board will exclude the need for scholars to transition from one board to another after completing Class 10th. It'll ensure a smooth educational progression and grease a more coherent curriculum framework. also, a unified board can foster collaboration among preceptors, share stylish practices, and enhance the overall quality of education in Assam. 

 Benefits and Implications 

 The decision to discontinue Class 10th board exams and introduce a unified board in Assam holds several implicit benefits and implications 

 Reduced Pressure The junking of board examinations in the 10th grade will alleviate stress and anxiety among students, allowing them to concentrate on holistic literacy rather than rote memorization. 

 Enhanced Learning nonstop evaluation styles will encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of concepts, critical thinking chops, and practical operation of knowledge. 

 Skill Development The revised approach to evaluation will prioritize the development of essential chops similar as a problem- solving, communication, and collaboration, preparing scholars for the challenges of the ultramodern world. 

 Streamlined Administration The unified board will centralize executive processes, leading to greater effectiveness, reduced redundancy, and improved collaboration between secondary and advanced secondary education. 

Curriculum Integration A unified board can harmonize the classes of secondary and advanced secondary education, enabling a smooth transition for scholars and icing continuity in their academic trips. 

 Quality Enhancement The consolidation of coffers, moxie, and stylish practices under a single board can contribute to the overall enhancement of the education system, leading to advanced educational standards and better outcomes for scholars. 


 The Assam government's decision to discontinue Class 10th board examinations from 2024 and introduce a unified board is a significant step towards educational reform. This move aims to palliate the burden on scholars, promote holistic literacy, and streamline executive processes. By fastening on continuous evaluation and skill development, the government seeks to give a further comprehensive and meaningful educational experience for the students of Assam. As the state prepares for this transformative change, it'll be crucial to ensure effective implementation and address any challenges that may arise during the transition period.

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