Placements Criteria

IIM Ahmedabad concluded its final placement process for the outgoing batch of MBA (2021) over three days with BCG,  HUL, Samsung Electronics and TCS emerging as top recruiters. According the IIM Ahmedabad final placements 2021, Boston Consulting Group made 32 job offers including pre-placement offers and McKinsey made 30 job offers in the first cluster on the first day. In the second cluster, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), Samsung Electronics and CK Birla Group made the highest number of job offers (6 each), followed by Lenovo (5). In Cluster 3 of IIM Ahmedabad placements 2021, TCS was made the maximum number of offers with 14. Ola made the second highest number of offers with 6.


Highest domestic salary offered
Rs 55.88 LPA
Average domestic salary offered
Rs 26.13 LPA
Highest international salary offered
Rs 1.32 CPA
Average international salary offered
Rs 61.76 LPA


Akshaya Vijaya Lakshmi (Marketing)

Anurag K Agarwal (Strategy)

Naveen Amble (Marketing)

Promila Agarwal (Human Resources Management)

Sobhesh Kumar Agarwal (Finance and Accounting)

Biju Varkkey (Human Resources Management)

Jayanth R Varma (Finance and Accounting)

Mayank Varshney (Strategy)

Niharika Vohra (Organizational Behavior)

Poornima Varma (Centre for Management in Agriculture)

Prahalad Venkatesan (Production and Quantitative Methods)

Sanjay Varma (Information Systems)

Sherry Chand Vijaya (Ravi J Mathai Centre for Educational Innovation)

Vidya Vemireddy (Centre for Management in Agriculture)

Abhiman Das (Economics)

Ambrish Dongre (Ravi J Mathai Centre for Educational Innovation)

Errol D'Souza (Economics)

Goutam Dutta (Production and Quantitative Methods)

Naman Desai (Finance and Accounting)

Prashant Das (Finance and Accounting)

Premilla D'Cruz (Organizational Behavior)

Pritha Dev (Economics)

Satish Deodhar (Economics)

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