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When someone is bestowed with an honorary doctorate and the recognition that comes with it, then you would be eager to understand what that means. Let the university findo help you with this, An honorary doctorate is an academic degree that is a special honor to a person who has demonstrated eminence in their field of study, but the person who doesn’t meet all of the usual requirements for earning that particular degree. Actually, the university would confer the dignity of doctor Honoris in order to distinguish a learned person whose knowledge and wisdom were considered exemplary, but also, in return, to pride itself on having recognized and recruited among the other students and candidates or the faculty.

Some of the typical Universities have given many types of names to the doctor honoris causa, some like like doctor or professor Angelicus, Eximius, mirabilis, subtilis, illuminates, etc. 


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The University findo provides many universities with and ways to award the honoris causa doctorate on a selective basis to distinguished individuals of us. Whose merit exceptional recognition for their profound and enduring contributions in their field of activity, in accordance with the values of the University. Now let us discuss the admission and eligibility criteria for the PhD Honorary degree.


Admission procedure for Ph.D. Honorary degree


Here we are going to discuss the procedure for admission to the course.

Applications are welcome at any time, but for consideration for an award at the next convocation ceremonies, Applications must be submitted by December 15th of each year. The applications will be observed by the Committe secretary.


The committee which is in charge will be beginning its deliberations earlier in the month of January and recommendations will normally be submitted to Academic Council for approval in March. Nominations approved by President will be considered by the Board of Management at the Board’s next meeting.


Eligibility Criteria

The honorary degrees will be awarded to those who will be recognized for distinguished and visionary leadership and achievements consistent with University findo list of Universities and its core values, mission, and goals. They will exemplify the highest personal and professional standards that serve as an inspiration and model for students, faculty, and the teaching section of the institutes. The person or the candidate may be researchers, scholars, professionals, creative artists, performers, athletes, or persons renowned for exemplary work for public service regionally or nationally, or whether globally too. It will be evident that their contributions have enriched society and the quality of life. 


Although not all areas of achievement can be recognized in any one year, over the course of several years the awards should reflect the university of University findo academic programs and the Universities provided, research, and support services. The degree reflects the social and cultural diversity of our region.



  1. To be eminent in their areas of the field and have substantial achievements and contributions in the field of education.

  2. Must have a Master's degree with considerable achievement in their field.

  3. To be Eminent researchers, scholars, professionals, creative artists, performers, and athletes whether nationally or globally.

  4. This is much evidence that their contributions have enriched society and the quality of life.

Procedure to Award


The Universities Honorary degree selection committee reviews applications annually and makes recommendations to the president. With the “Approval of President, Chairman and the Board of Management confers the honorary doctorate at convocation. Normally, there is more than one honorary doctorate will be awarded at each ceremony event.

Recipients are expected to be present to receive their awards and they will be invited to give a brief address to the convocation and a speech. They will also be invited to return to their university at a later date to give a longer address and meet with the faculty, staff, and students. The committe of the university can seek additional information.


Membership of the Honorary Degree Selection Committee.


  • Universities President

  • University Chairman nominee

  • Any two members of the Board of Management, Who are appointed annually by the sponsoring body of the University

  • Members of Senior Administration, appointed annually by the President

  • At least five members are appointed by the president from, including at least two senior faculty members outside of the university.

Degree Award


After the process and approval of the application and the HDSC, a notification shall be issued and an honorary degree shall be awarded to the desired Persian.


There are three procedures to award the degree


  1. Degree awarded in personal convection

a. The convocation committee

  1. President

  2. Chairman Nominee

  3. Pro - President

  4. Registrar / Controller of examination 


b. Degree awarded in a University convocation

C. Convocation held at London parliament board



Application form with academic bio data - Rs. 100000


Work report fees - Rs. 100000


Convocation Charges

  1. Degree in personal

  2. Degree in University convocation ( 100000 Rs)

  3. Degree convocation in the parliamentary board of London (300000 Rs)



These are step and admission process of the PhD Honorary course by the University findo


Step 1: The Candidate will submit an online application form mentioning the most appropriate for any scholar at the University website.


Step 2: the candidate will describe his achievements and contribution to society and life.


Step 3: The nominee will explain the relevance of his work to their desired University.


Step 4: Describe Wheather they had a previous honorary degree if they had any.


Step 5: The initial screening of the nominated candidates will be made by the university senate secretariat to ensure that the nomination adheres to these guidelines. Names will be added to the list for a period of three years from the date of nomination, at which time if the nominee has not been selected, the name will be deleted.

If the person is re-nominated, and if the nomination is still valid according to these guidelines, the name will again be added to the list.


Step 6: From the remaining active list the university committee of Honorary Degrees will be selecting prospective degree recipients as required in the annual convocation cycles.

Once a prospective degree candidate has been identified and if agreed upon by the committee two members of the committee will be assigned to the nomination file in order to execute due diligence and available information. They also ensure that the nomination conforms fully to the selection principles and criteria.


Step 7: the selected candidate and nominators will be invited to participate in the conferral f the degree as presenters or hosts. The selection will be conducted between them by the determined group comparison of the President, Director of Convocation, Provost, and Secretary of the Senate.


Step 8: The committee is appointed annually by the council and consists of the Principal and such other members of the board as determined from time to time. Their duty is to select persons to be recommended to the council for the conferment of Honorary Degrees.


  • Nominations will be not accepted with the following documents.

  • Nominators must give a letter for their place in the nomination and discrete the reason and special accomplishments so that they are one to be selected as nominators.

  • Letters of Support should not be more than three.

  • Nominees should present a curriculum vitae that contains their details such as education, a short description, field of endeavor, and special awards received by them and their distinguished service.

  • A short summary of their biography which should be of a maximum of 200 words will through which it will be decided that the nominee is chosen as an for which honorary degree recipient. 

Scope & Opportunities of PhD in Honorary Degree


Universities award the honorary degree to the individual candidates who have made exceptional contributions to the institutes or to society and living beings. In many cases, the holder of an honorary doctorate already has considerable education and experience in the degree field. But sometimes the degree can also be awarded to an individual with no formal education. 


Receiving an honorary degree is a great honor for any individual, it is one's impressive recognition of One’s talents and contributions. A person who has an honorary doctorate can bring recognition to its holder in the public sphere and is an asset in finding a job in the recipient’s field.

But the person who is honoured with this degree already enjoys enough public recognition that the degree merely emphasizes the qualifications they already have.


If you have an honorary doctorate degree then you can use the title “Dr.” in front of your name, or his name for eg Dr. Jile Singh who is an honorary degree professor. Though some find this demeaning to those who hold earned doctorates. Some holders of honorary doctorates use “Dr.” to emphasize their credentials and earn extra publicity.


Having an honorary doctorate does not allow or mean qualifying its holder to practice in a field that has no knowledge or not is trained. Without any formal education in medicine, theology, or architecture the honorary degree holder cannot serve as a doctor, minister, or architect. It is because most of the honorary degree holders are already specialists or experts in their respective fields, but few use their honorary doctorates as more than an award. 


It is unethical for the individual holders of an honorary degree to present themselves as experts in the degree field, that also points out that most holders of earned doctorates have or had over 20 years of education.

You must also know that the holder of the honorary degree who intends to represent himself as an expert in the field is both doing a disservice to institutions of higher education and trivializing the efforts of those who earned their degrees.

These above-mentioned restrictions do not apply to those who are already experts in these desired fields.



Q.1- Is an honorary doctorate useful?


Answer: The Honorary Doctorate Degree does not come with monetary benefits but they carry enormous related and relevant in the educational system that values degrees as markers of credibility and influence - some of the individual holders of the degree add the prefix “DR” to their names. 


Q.2- What can a person do with an honorary Ph.D. degree?


Answer: Through the degree of honorary PhD the holder or the individual can bring recognition in the public sphere, and is an asset in finding a job in the recipient’s field. However, more of a person and individual degrees hold we already enjoy enough public recognition that the degree merely emphasizes the qualifications they already have.


Q.3- Can we put an honorary degree on our resume?


Answer: As you guys know the appropriate language is “honorary degree” or “honorary doctorate” It is recommended that in a curriculum or a resume your must the honorary degree into the listing of “honors and awards” instead of using it in the list of “education.”


Q.4- Can honorary PhD use "Dr"? 


Answer: The honorary Ph.D. degree is more of an award than a degree therefore abbreviated as “H.C”, not “Dr”. So individuals or someone with an honorary award can’t use “Dr” in their names.


Q.5- What is the difference between an honorary professor and a professor, are both the same?


Answer: The title honorary professor has received the title of professor, which is still an honorific, but the person could have been given it based on a variety of Professional achievements he or she would achieve or the Contributions the individual would done, not always purely academic and not necessarily based on the past work or time he spent lecturing at the university.


Q.6- Is an honorary doctorate the same as PhD Degree?


Answer: No, the honorary doctorate degree does not hold the same academic weight as traditional doctorates. Honorary doctorates are used instead to honor individual person's life’s work or significant contributions to a topic or industry.


Q.7-  Whether an honorary professor a real professor or something else?


Answer: An honorary Professorship/Associate professorship is an honorary title, which does not have any constitute with the employment relationship. Therefore, honorary professors and associate professors are not paid a salary in connection with their affiliation with the university.


Q.8- How can I get an honorary doctorate degree in India?


Answer: The degree of a Ph.D. honorary degree is awarded to a person who has made a significant contribution to the cultural, scientific, and social development of the state, nation, or world or to improving the living of the people or living being. All this type of contribution should last for a few years and be sustainable in nature. One can document the national or international impact of contributions toward any field.


Q. 9- Why do people get honorary PhD?


Answer: The degree represents distinguished visitors’ contributions to a specific field or to society in general. It is also recommended that such degrees be listed in one’s curriculum vitae (CV) as an award, and not in the education section.


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